GoDDEX Airdrop Coin 2018 | Crypto Airdrop List

Project Description :

GoDDEX is the first decentralised exchange for GoChain based ICO's, It's 100x faster than ethereum based decentralised exchanges. GoDDEX is the first decentralised exchange for GoChain based ERC standard tokens, GoChain is 100x faster than Ethereum which will enable GoDDEX exchange users to trade 100x faster than any decentralised exchange based on Ethereum. At the heart of every public blockchain lies a decentralised exchange that allows people trade the blockchain tokens freely and securely. A decentralised exchange is an essential part of the decentralised economy. Besides being an imperative part of the decentralised economy, GoDDEX has a strong business case as the expected value and volume of the GoChain based tokens opens up a new economic opportunity to run decentralised exchange on GoChain.

How to Join This Crypto Airdrop ?

  1. Go to the GoDDEX website and click on “Airdrop”.
  2. Submit your email and verify
  3. Join GoDDEX Telegram group (5 GODX), leave one message or question
  4. Invite your friends to their group. (2 GODX for each invite, Max. 100 GODX)
  5. Follow GoDDEX on Twitter and retweet this tweet. (10 GODX)
  6. Similarly, complete other social tasks.
  7. You will be creditted with 42 GODX tokens.
  8. Earn more 10 GODX tokens on each referral. (Max. 100 GODX)