TuneTrade Crypto Airdrop List | Airdrop Alert 2018

Project Description :

TuneTrade is an easy to use platform designed by creators for creators, music artists, and influencers to enter the crypto world. TuneTrade is a decentralized all-in-one platform designed with the creator and influencer in mind. It is a destination where new influencers, brands, bands and music can be discovered and ranked by the community. They studied the most popular cryptocurrency projects and identified which ones had the most success in the blockchain industry. TuneTrade takes the best of the best and incorporates these features into one elite system. Ability to easily create your own token and token sale, Instantly list your project, and Peer 2 Peer exchange to buy and sell your tokens.

How to Join This Crypto Airdrop ?

  1. Chat with TuneTrade Telegram bot
  2. Join TuneTrade Telegram group.
  3. (Optional) Follow TuneTrade on Twitter.
  4. Submit details
  5. Receive 70 TXT tokens.
  6. Earn 35 TXT for every referral.